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It's more than just homes, it's a community!

The Village

If you are looking for support from another parent, friend, or even just a helping hand  Lakeland  has got you covered!  There are multiple Facebook pages and groups that offer you that support.  Whether it's a fund raiser for a cause or looking for sub-contractors to work on your home, this is a community that helps each other.

As a Lakeland Resident for over 23 years, I can say the people in Lakeland are the best. They look out for their neighbors & friends. I've always said, as a homeowner, you can be as involved or as uninvolved as you wish. There are many volunteer opportunities, lots of babysitting or dog walking that needs to be done, and of course... keeping an eye out in the neighborhood to help each other out.  Neighbors being neighborly. Isn't that what it's all about? 

~ Darci Bidman

Lakeland Hills Community Facebook Page

This is a discussion group for area issues, ideas, and news surrounding the Lakeland/Lakeland Hills community covering Auburn & Bonney Lake, WA.

Additional Resources for Lakelanders

Did We Miss Something? Let us know what would be helpful for you on "The Village" page.

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