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The Hub of the Community

Who are Lakelanders

Lakeland Hills Community is a place where you will always see people you know , or you may even make a few new friends.  You will see sights from back in the day such as kids riding bikes, couples walking dogs...or cats, teenagers enjoying being young, you will see babies in strollers and of course joggers saying "left".  We are a community of friendships!

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Lakeland Clubhouse
Clubs & Activities

Lakeland HOA has a robust and active community center.  Whether it's an HOA meeting or someone renting it out for a party, the community center is an amazing treasure for our community.

There are many clubs within Lakeland that you can join, from neighborhood bunco, quilting clubs, gardening clubs, church services to walking partners. Talk to your neighbors or call  the HOA office for assistance in finding one that's right for you. 

Holiday Events

One of the things that makes Lakeland special, besides the people, are the community events that bring everyone together. The Lakeland Easter Egg Hunt, Donuts with Santa, Lakeland Summer Celebration, Movies in the park or the decorating contests for Christmas or Halloween, these are some of the things that bring Lakeland together as a community.

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