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Why Choose to

Live in Lakeland?

Who are Lakelanders

Lakeland Hills Community is a place where you will always see people you know, or you may even make a few new friends.  You will see sights from back in the day such as kids riding bikes, couples walking their dogs...or cats, teenagers enjoying being young, you will see babies in strollers and of course your joggers saying "left".  We are a community of friendships!

Young Joggers
Kids Playing Soccer
Search Team
Eating Out
Playing in a Tunnel

Lakeland Hills is a part of the Auburn school district. 

Our kids go to 2 different elementary schools Illako or Lakeland Hills depending on which neighborhood you live in. If you have a highly capable student, they will catch a bus to Terminal Park.  

- There is possibly a new school coming in the future.  It is planned to be located at 57th & Keresey Way, Elementary School #15.  More Info Here

All of our Middle School students go to Mt. Baker Middle School.  

Majority of our High School students head down the hills to Auburn Riverside.  Depending on the neighborhood, they may go to Auburn High School

Great Restaurants 

Our restaurants have definitely expanded over the last 2 years!  We are finally getting a little more hip with with our dining selections.  For a full list of the restaurants Click Here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 9.23.48 AM_edi
Fresh Pizzas
Seafood Dish
Pouring a Pint
Colorful Donuts
Lakeland Town Center

The Lakeland Town Center is way more than a place to grab a bite to eat.  They proudly boast additional features like, Optometry Office, Verizon Store, GNC, Pet Pro's and much more.  For a complete list of businesses Click Here.

Fitness & More

There a several options in the surrounding area for you to stay focused and on track to a healthy lifestyle.  Orange Fitness or McKormick YMCA, but there are other great options if joining a gym is not your style.  Click Here for a full list of Free Style Workouts. 

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